Frequent Questions

How do I buy in the store?

With the implementation of the order will help our buying guide.

What are the shipping options and payment?

For information on this topic can be found here: Payment , Delivery time and transportation.

When I order today, when my shipment arrives?

Goods that can be inserted into the cart in stock. After the Czech Republic takes delivery usually within 2 working days after ordering, Slovakia within 3 working days. All orders are processed the next business day (including any tailoring adjustments) and handed over to the carrier. Next business day shipment is delivered to you.
Example: If you order on Monday, the shipment will be delivered on Wednesday. More information…

How do I know you received my order?

To your e-mail address that you specified in the order form, it comes automatically after the purchase confirmation of your order.

I sent the order, but the confirmation e-mail arrived.

There can be few:

It can be filled box and the adoption of new emails is not possible – try odmazat old emails.

At the specified e-mail could be a typo – confirmation will not arrive for verification can contact us (email: or on tel .: +420 481 621 261).

A receipt has been marked as SPAM mail client – try to look into the spam folder.

The order was not properly submitted, be sure to contact us.

How do I know you sent me a catalog?

To your e-mail message to send a delivery to the carrier, which states the number and a link where you can watch the movement of shipments.

If I order sheets over 1000, – CZK, I do not really pay any postage?

Yes, if the carrier and PPL orders over 1000, – CZK you the invoice shows zero entry for freight. Attention: free shipping does not apply to the Czech Post! Furthermore, the action does not apply to shipping goods in Action 1 + 1 free.

Also sending to Slovakia?

Yes, the procedure is the same as the order in the Czech Republic, only the delivery date is a day longer. The shipment is usually delivered within 3 working days after ordering. Slovak Doběrečné to be paid in euros. More information…

What is the difference between the offered materials? Bed linen is high quality?

All information can be found here: Information on materials , quality of products , Certificates , Glossary

How does Action 1 + 1?

Within the site ACTION 1 + 1 FREE (if active) to each other, you can combine any materials, patterns and sizes – the choice is up to you (action item is always marked with a golden icon Action 1 + 1 free before buy button). To cart it is necessary to insert the second piece of linen. The order will then be deducted always cheaper item of purchase (eg. The purchase of 1 piece of cotton satin, cotton and 1 deluxe deducted the price of cheaper cotton deluxe).

An important condition for Action 1 + 1 Purchase sheets / min in del. CZK 400 for each pair of sheets (you can choose the color, material and size that suits you). Action on purchases is not covered by free shipping.

What do I do if I need to adjust the dimensions of the sheets?

Bed linen adjust free (always only diminished). Send us a note in your order size you need. If you own anatomic pillow on which you want them customized coating always quote also his height. In the case of client’s changes to the delivery time extended, seamstresses work with us quickly.

Other products from our offer, unfortunately optional adjusted.

How to choose the right size sheets?

For example, the mattress size 180/200 cm is determined fitted sheet in the size 180/200 cm. The smallest dimension of tension sheets for a single bed is 100/200 cm, good but sitting on a mattress wide 80 or 90 cm.
You sheets of plain cotton (classic covers) there are only two dimensions, single and double.

I chose / and I tread on your site, but not with him at the menu my size. Can I order it anyway?

If you are not given the desired size, and it unfortunately can not be ordered because it is not in stock (not available or is sold out). We adhere to the rule that everything is in stock, it is stated in the offer.

U sheets are in the photo shows two different pillows. I get when ordering?

All pillows are always depicted a front and back cushions.

How should I proceed to replace, complaint or return?

All information on this topic can be found on this page.

How do I care for goods purchased from you?

Each product is equipped with maintenance information on nášivkách and the packaging. Maintenance instructions are listed in the product description or here: How to care for our products

Did you not find an answer?

If this does not answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our online chat or at:


Customer service: +420 481 621 261 (Mon-Fri 8: 00-16: 00)