Quality of Products

What determines the quality of bed linen

When selecting sheets always follow the yarn quality and fiber density not weights . Quality sheets is made of yarns with long and thin fibers , which ensures high dense, hence higher strength – in spite of low grammage. Manufacturers this way presents misrepresent – present is heavy paper, but to produce in fact use cheap yarn with short and thick fibers which, while having a high grammage (weight), but more low fiber density, early fray and does not hold together. The quality of goods corresponds to a low price; material is transparent and the lifetime is considerably shorter. Company Matejovsky used to produce only high-quality linen yarn.  For example, for cotton deluxe and crepe deluxe we utilize yarns quality NO 30 for cotton satin 40, and if NO Swiss premium satin 60 NE.

Note .: NE is a unit of fineness for a fiber – the higher the number, the longer and thinner fibers, and therefore superior material in the result. Most cotton sheets on the Czech market is made of yarn quality about 10 Sun.


To print one of the few manufacturers use  ecological reagent inks that react with the fiber, the needed depth into it and thus creates a good bond between the dye and the fabric. This is even more upgrades and colors even after many washes still as vibrant and radiant. Reactive printing inks, better quality, more durable and more expensive. Commonly used and obviously cheaper color pigment substance stained on the surface only, the resulting print has a tendency to fade and then harden.

The difference in quality coated on CZECH MARKET

Click to enlargeThe photos at a glance obvious difference in quality bedding, which derives precisely from the yarns used .

Detail Left : Thin and long fibers that are used in the production, form a dense, firm to the touch and fine structure. The substance is refined by mercerization, Sanforized and calendering.

Detail right : A typical example of a commercially available inexpensive bedding that is made from short and thick fibers. Non-hardened material looks much like coarse network, which is in daily use and when washing or destroys the easily deformed. The linen has a higher weight than the sheets left .

Interestingly, the weight of the products compared with the results differ by only 5 g / m 2 . It’s actually logical – long thin fibers are more, but they are light and must therefore have a high density of weaving that sheets were not “transparent”. High tissue density (number of threads per m 2 ) is very desirable because it provides the final strength of the material. Poor contrast thick fibers having a higher density, so there substance per m 2 comprising less, although the product has a similar basis weight. The final difference is in terms of utility properties is crucial. Note that the right information about the weight of many manufacturers list, but an indication of the quality of the yarn is missing.

Before buying, therefore, bear in mind that the actual weight on the quality of bed linen say almost nothing.


WHY CHOOSE bedding Matějovská


We are a Czech company, which in our market since 1990. During this time we got one of the privileged position not only domestically, but also abroad. We highly appreciate the appreciation of our customers, for which we won twice in a row in the competition SHOP OF THE YEAR category Price Quality – Home furnishings and design.


Our bedding is  certified  and regularly inspected by the National Testing Institute in Brno , which guarantees its high quality.


To produce linen we use only high-quality cotton yarn, which are long and thin fibers. The fabric is the result of soft, smooth and has a high fiber density, which ensures high strength even though the grammage is lower. For cotton and crepe sheets are used in quality yarn NE 30 for cotton satin 40 NE, and if the Swiss premium satin 60 NE.


As one of the few manufacturers use to print reactive colors that are compared to the commonly used pigment colors, smoother, brighter and greener. Reactive colors of the needed substance through the entire thread, making the fabric after washing is still soft and the colors remain vibrant. Our own know-how for extra fabric printing technology further refines.


cooperate with international designers and pride in timeless appearance. For most sheets on each side of the pillow or duvet different pattern. This allows you to win more linens and varied as its appearance. Bed linen is more expensive to produce, but more interesting.

Licensed products

are one of the few companies offering a wide range of licensed products. The most popular of these is the Mole and Paul Frank , who knows almost the whole world. You can find us as well as other well-known fairy-tale characters and movie heroes ( Snoopy , Hello Kitty , cheapskate ).


All the models we produce high quality linen fitted sheets in the same colors, the entire bed so you can align to one tone. Selected designs are part of the offer as well as other home textiles and accessories in the same pattern – especially luxurious quilted bedspreads , decorative curtains or images printed on a cotton canvas.