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Complaints procedure online store Night In Colours conditions governing complaint among operators / seller and the customer / buyer (hereinafter referred to as “RP”)

  1. Operator (sellers) in the online shop Night In Colours bade home sro L. Novomeského No. 50, 902 01 Pezinok
    CLAIM should be addressed to: pillowcase, Ltd., HIGHWAY 181, 82105, BRATISLAVA
  2. The Customer (buyer) in the online shop is any natural or legal person who sends an electronic form to order goods (product / s or service / vices).
  3. The Complaints Procedure governs the legal relations between the operator and the customer, in dealing with complaints concerning the accuracy and quality of the goods and services provided by operators.
  4. A claim for the purposes of this Complaints Procedure Rules means the purchaser exercised the right from liability for defects of goods or services provided to the client, which requires some correction or replacement of defective performance, respectively. non-performance of the Contract.
  1. A complaint must be understood in particular:
  2. Under this RP, an authorized person can claim in person, in writing or by e-mail.
    • who lodged the complaint (name, permanent address),
    • the subject of the complaint, or what the customer seeks
    • whom the complaint is addressed,
    • the date of filing the complaint,
    • the signature of the Customer or the Authorized signature people along with power of attorney.
  3. In the case of filing complaints via e-mail, fax or in writing to the legal representative of the Customer must be attached to the complaint power of attorney to represent the client in the matter of the complaint.
  4. If the complaint does not comply with paragraph 2 of this article will be considered ineligible.
  5. The deadline for settlement of the claim is more than 30 days from the date of the claim. Buyer will issue a client of a complaint to a written document.
  6. Filing a complaint is the day of the claim by the Customer. The date of the claim shall be considered:
    • for postal items – the day of receipt of the complaint to the registry office of the Customer)
    • with personal service – the date the copy of the complaint, confirming customer service
    • for mail delivery – the day of receipt of an electronic mail message to the email address of the Customer .
  7. Other legal relations between the operator and the customer expressly regulated in this Complaint Rules shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the contract concluded between the operator and the customer, the relevant provisions of generally binding legal regulations in force in the Slovak Republic, in that order.
  8. The client is entitled to the Complaints procedure due to changes in legislation and the business environment at any time amended or supplemented. The client determines publishing on its website the actual text of the Complaints Procedure.

This RF comes into force from 01.01.2015 and fully replaces the previous DP. Operator reserves the right to change the RP without notice.

CLAIM should be addressed to: pillowcase, Ltd., HIGHWAY 181, 82105, BRATISLAVA